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Atherton Consultancy Services

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Atherton Consultancy Services can offer a wide range of services to charities, third sector organisations, churches and government.

 Change Management 
Sympathetic and sensitive intrroduction of step change into organisations using a variety of strategies.
Strategic Planning and Review 
Helping you through the process of organising/reviewing your structure, aims and objectives.
 Grant Applications 
Identifying appropriate sources of funding for your organisation/project and making applictions on your behalf.
 Feasibility Studies 
Identifying sustainable opportunities for the development of your organistion.
Governance Principles and Ethics 
Providing training and support for your organisation to develop approprite policies and procedures to run efficiently and effectively. 
The development of a sustainable medium term fundraising strategy for your organisation
 Project Management 
Comprehensive support given for your organisation to deliver it's project on budget, on time with SMART outcomes.

Atherton Consultancy Services Ltd Company Number: 07560299

Registered Office: 17 Llandaff Road, Canton, Cardiff CF11 9NF